Putting Songs Together

Over the past couple years, I have managed to finish the master’s program in songwriting and guitar at Berklee and move on as a musician. Lately I have noticed that I leave a lot of songwriting unfinished, and untrackable. In other words, if I want to go back to something I was working on days, weeks, or months ago, it is impossible to figure out the name of the folder or the location of the project. As of this month, I now just name the song projects I am working on by the date, until I get a complete song.

Part of the challenge to finishing songs is that I have always been working on lyrics without a melody in mind. Then go back later and make a harmony and melody fit the lyrics. Now I am turning that around. While using the Maschine I come up with a beat template in Maschine, which has some good drum kits installed, and I have pre-programmed about ten standard rock rhythms, and ten basic blues rhythms. That gives me a rhythmic base, that I will add a bass or keyboard… or, just a guitar. This at least gives me a verse loop to work from in putting lyrics down.