The Maschine and the Man

Lately I’ve been saying that I am a guitarist with a drumming habit. The truth is that recently I have started learning drums again for the third time. It took three tries to learn how to play guitar and stick with it – so third time is a charm!

This time, I’ve bought some used acoustic drum parts and built a little setup in the home studio. Here’s a picture of the most recent studio setup. Quite cramped, but focused on practice, production, and workflow. Picking drums back up and learning rhythm patterns again actually started with the purchase of a Maschine from Native Instruments early last month. I was looking for a rhythm machine that is portable, but didn’t get that… unless I take a notebook computer in tow. However, soon after hearing the sounds and seeing what I could do with this equipment, it became clear that independent solo production in my own studio would be a lot easier.

Just after being let down on the portability point, I was also let down to see that almost all of the sounds were for dub step, EDM, or other whatever synthetic music. The drum one-shots that are in Maschine’s suite are awesome, so I mixed that with some standard rock and blues rhythms, added some bass lines, and here we are.

Here’s a post over on the Blusician blog mentioning the same subject but with some loop samples. Enjoy!