Back To Some Jazz

In my woodshed routine I am constantly going between just jamming to various backing tracks, collaborating with online additions on Kompoz or Drooble, or just sitting down with the axe or harmonica and really practicing something new. However, I have come to realize that improving jazz improvisation also really improves my lead guitar in other genres. A book that I have kept my nose in and won’t let go really does a good job of teaching modal arpeggios for different scales. Hard to explain but it teaches the arpeggio patterns based on the II, V, I, or any other of the seven modes by scale. In other words, as already stated, it teaches the modal arpeggios within the different major and minor scales. The book is a Musician’s Institute book called Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing – A Comprehensive Improvisation Method.

While I know modes and play all of the commonly known scales quite well with no problem playing leads. The difference between knowing this approach and just playing, is the difference between good and expert. Check it out! Still working on composition and open for some collaboration. Ping me if you have some ideas or need some ideas!